Laura DeNardis on Internet Governance


February 17th, 2016

Professor Laura DeNardis gave a Quello Lecture in Washington DC that updates her perspectives on the key issues facing what she refers to as the ‘destabilization’ of Internet governance. Laura is one of the world’s leading authorities on Internet policy and governance, and this video enables you to see why.

Laura DeNaris – The Destabilization of Internet Governance from Quello Center on Vimeo.

Laura was welcomed to the Quello Lecture by the Dean of MSU’s College of Communication Arts & Sciences, Professor Prabu David, and the College’s Director of Development, Meredith Jagutis.

Bill Dutton and Laura DeNardis

Bill Dutton and Laura DeNardis

Laura DeNardis with Dean Prabu David and Meredith Jagutis

Laura DeNardis with Dean Prabu David and Meredith Jaguits


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