Research Squad

Bianca C. Reisdorf

Quello Assistant Professor & Assistant Director

Dr Bianca (Bibi) Reisdorf is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Media & Information of the College of Communication Arts & Sciences and as of August 2016 also the Assistant Director of the Quello Center. She joined the Quello Center as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in mid-August 2015. Prior to joining the Quello Center, Bibi worked as a Lecturer and Director of Distance Learning in the Department of Media and Communication at the University of Leicester in the UK with a focus in digital media and research methods. In addition, she has been an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication at the University of Cincinnati.

Bibi’s research interests include digital inequalities and policies, Internet use among vulnerable groups, and cross-national comparative studies that apply both qualitative and quantitative methods. She has been involved in the research project “Access Denied: A Qualitative Study of Inadequate Broadband Access in Rural Britain” ( and she currently is developing a new study on the consequences of lack of Internet access in prisons for ex-convicts in their rehabilitation process.

Bibi received her D.Phil. degree in Information, Communication and the Social Sciences at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, in 2012, having completed an M.A. in Sociology at the University of Bielefeld, Germany, in 2008. At Oxford, she was part of the team that conducted the Oxford Internet Surveys (OxIS), which tracked the use and impact of the Internet in Britain from 2003 through 2013.

At the Quello Center, Bibi is playing a key role in the Center’s digital inequality projects, and in the development of new projects around issues of digital media and society.

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    Whisnu Triwibowo

    Research Assistant

    Whisnu Triwibowo is assisting research at the Quello Center, such as supporting webmetrics work for the ICT4Detroit project, statistical analyses of survey data for the study of digital inequalities in Michigan and the USA, and study of student access to new media at MSU. Whisnu is a doctoral student in the Department of Media and Information, and on leave from the University of Indonesia, where he is a lecturer.

    • Location: Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

      Ruth Shillair

      Ruth Shillair is joining the Quello Center’s research team as a Research Assistant during Spring Semester (2017) to support our work on cybersecurity, linked to the Oxford Global Cyber Security Capacity Center. She is working with Bill Dutton on an analysis that builds on his concept of a cyber security mindset and another analysis that focuses on the outcomes of national cyber security capacity building: Can we see capacity having a positive, independent impact on cyber security?

      Ms. Shillair is a doctoral student in the Media and Information Department at MSU. Her research has focused on cyber security, such as in working with the Online Safety for the Ages (OSA) project with Professors Bob LaRose, Nora Rifkin, Saleem Alhabaash, and Sheila Cotten, which focuses on generational differences in online safety behaviors, particularly in the area of online banking.

      Ruth has been recognized at MSU, such as in being awarded with one of the Department’s PhD Academic Merit Awards, and an ‘outstanding doctoral student research’ award. She also participated in the Oxford Internet Institute’s (OII) Summer Doctoral Program (SDP). As Bill Dutton, Director of the Quello Center noted: “We are very lucky to have Ruth onboard as her expertise in cyber security and quantitative analysis is going to help us leap ahead on our cyber security research.”

          Anne Marie Salter

          Anne Marie Salter, a fine arts graduate, is an administrative assistant in the Department of Media and Information, and serves as the receptionist, secretary and events officer for the Quello Center. She has experience in graphic design, management, and administration, all of which come into play in her roles at the Center.

              Laleah Fernandez

              Post Doctoral Quello Research Fellow

              Dr Laleah Fernandez joined the research team at the Quello Center in September 2017. Laleah is a Michigan State alumna coming to us from her position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information and Computing Science at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. She earned her Ph.D. in Media and Information Studies, her M.A. in Advertising and her B.A in Journalism, all from MSU. Her research interests include network analysis and the role of new and emerging media in community-level and global mobilization efforts. Laleah has published research and reviews in the areas of advertising, economic development, mobilization, and science communication. In the first instance, Dr Fernandez will be working on the Google supported search project, and the Rocket Fiber project on access to the Internet in Detroit. She will also be developing strategies for better connecting the Quello Center with the state policy communities of greatest relevance to our work.

                Valeta Wensloff

                Outreach Specialist, Department of Media and Information

                Valeta Wensloff manages the web, print, and other design materials to support the research and dissemination efforts of the faculty and staff of the Quello Center.

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