Policy and Regulation Shaping a Mobile Society

An emerging area of research centres on innovation in mobile communications and their societal implications, which raise issues for policy and regulation, ranging from spectrum scarcity to privacy. This area of research at the Quello Center has been built on international collaboration between the Quello Center, Bill Dutton’s former students at the Oxford Internet Institute in the UK, and colleagues at Huawei Technologies in China. The research itself is based on a set of interviews with experts in mobile communication, technology and regulation from around the world.


Dutton, William H. and Law, Ginette and Groselj, Darja and Hangler, Frank and Vidan, Gili and CHENG, Lin and LU, Xiaobin and ZHI, Hui and ZHAO, Qiyong and WANG, Bin, Mobile Communication Today and Tomorrow (December 4, 2014). A Quello Policy Research Paper, Quello Center, Michigan State University.. Available at SSRN: