The Importance of Public Service #ChangeAgents by David A. Bray


Here is the Webcast of Dr David A. Bray’s Quello Lecture on ‘The Importance of Public Service #ChangeAgents in Exponential Times’, which was given at MSU’s Quello Center on 21 September 2015.

David Bray – The Importance of Public Service #ChangeAgents in Exponential Times from Quello Center on Vimeo.


Technology is rapidly changing our world, the 7 billion networked devices
in 2013 will double 14 billion in 2015 to anywhere between 50 to 200 billion in 2020. The ability to work and collaborate securely anywhere, anytime, on any device will reshape public service. We must ensure security and privacy are baked-in at code development level, testing
from ground up and automating alerts. Legal code and digital code must work together, enabling more inclusive work across government workers, citizen-led contributions, and public private partnerships. All together, these actions will transform Public Service to truly be “We the (Mobile, Data-Enabled, Collaborative) People” working to improve our world.

Dr. David A. Bray is a 2015 Eisenhower Fellow, Visiting Associate on Cyber Security with the University of Oxford, and Chief Information Officer for the Federal Communications Commission.

He began working for the U.S. government at age 15 on computer simulations at a Department of Energy facility. In later roles he designed new telemedicine interfaces and space-based forest fire forecasting prototypes for the Department of Defense. From 1998-2000 he volunteered as an occasional crew lead with Habitat for Humanity International in the Philippines, Honduras, Romania, and Nepal while also working as a project manager with Yahoo! and a Microsoft partner firm. He then joined as IT Chief for the Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Program at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, leading the program’s technology response to during 9/11, anthrax in 2001, Severe Acute Respiratory System in 2003, and other international public health emergencies. He later completed a PhD in Information Systems from Emory University and two post-doctoral associateships at MIT and Harvard in 2008.

In 2009, Dr. Bray volunteered to deploy to Afghanistan to help “think differently” on military and humanitarian issues and in 2010 became a Senior National Intelligence Service Executive advocating for increased information interoperability, cybersecurity, and protection of civil liberties. In 2012, Dr. Bray became the Executive Director for the bipartisan National Commission for Review of Research and Development Programs of the United States Intelligence Community, later receiving the National Intelligence Exceptional Achievement Medal. He received both the Arthur S. Flemming Award and Roger W. Jones Award for Executive Leadership in 2013. He also was chosen to be an Eisenhower Fellow to meet with leaders in Taiwan and Australia on multisector cyber strategies for the “Internet of Everything” in 2015.

Dr. Bray has served as the Chief Information Officer for the Federal Communications Commission, leading FCC’s IT Transformation since 2013. He was selected to serve as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and as a Visiting Associate for the Cybersecurity Working Group on Culture at the University of Oxford in 2014. He also has been named one of the “Fed 100” for 2015 and the “Most Social CIO” globally for 2015, tweeting as @fcc_cio.

Discussion of this talk is also available online at:

David Bray – The Importance of Public Service #ChangeAgents in Exponential Times – Discussion from Quello Center on Vimeo.

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I Change My City – through the Internet: Venkatesh Kannaiah on


I Change My City is a Web site that enables residents to report problems, from streets in need of repair to trash pickups, and more. In addition to identifying the problems, the system enables the public to determine if and when something has been done to address the problem.

In this video, Venkatesh Kannaiah, a senior editor for provides a clear overview of how this site operates and plays a role in addressing urban problems in cities across India, and worldwide, such as through similar Web-based platforms.

Venkatesh Kannaiah is a senior editor from India with wide-ranging experience working at news agencies, print outlets and online publications. He was a Knight International Journalism Fellow for India working to build networks of journalists and ‘right to information’ activists in south India. He has headed editorial teams at, AOL India, MSN India and is now working as Head of Content for and – part of a non-profit, Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, based out of Bangalore.

You can watch the video of part of his 20 July 2015 seminar at the Quello Center that dealt with at:

Venkatesh Kannaiah – I Change My City from Quello Center on Vimeo.

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