Avshalom Ginosar, Visiting Fellow at the Quello Center


Avshalom Ginosar, a Senior Lecturer in Israel, is visiting MSU’s Department of Media and Information this year, focusing his research on media governance, policy and regulation, all topics aligned well with the Quello Center, where Avshalom will be based.

Avshalom most recently developed a framework for classifying and analyzing media systems based on the concept of governance as conceived in public policy theory. He is studying the positions and perceptions of media regulators with respect to the public interest(s) they should preserve and promote. This has been an enduring issue for US regulation, and therefore promises to be of interest to faculty and students of regulation in the US. His past research focused more on the regulation of advertising, with his PhD dissertation focused on product placement in regulatory policies of the EU, Canada and Israel.

He is also interested in the Internet, and its regulation. One research project on this issue focused on the different positions of surfers’ versus industry representatives on the preferred mode and content of online advertising regulation. His current research (in collaboration with Dr. Yaron Ariel) on Internet regulation deals with privacy on the Internet, investigating the relationships between knowledge-understanding-and perceptions regarding privacy with reference to different types of Internet sites (such as governmental, commercial, and institutional). They are collecting data from the general public as well as sites managers, policy makers and regulators.

Another field of interest for Avsha is journalism, particularly around the concept of ‘patriotic journalism’. He is currently writing a paper that addresses patriotic journalism not only in the context of wars or during other national crises, where most of the research on this topic is centered, but also in more typical or normal contexts.

Avshalom Ginosar, Visiting Fellow at the Quello Center

Avshalom Ginosar, Visiting Fellow at the Quello Center

Avsha Ginosar received his Ph.D. in 2011 in Public Policy from the University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel, after a career in journalism, having completed his B.A. in International Relations in 1982 from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is currently as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Communication of The Academic College of Yezreel Valley, Israel.

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