David Ewoldsen

Professor Ewoldsen is a Quello Research Fellow and Professor in the Department of Media and Information. Among his long-term projects are studies on the role of attitudes and norms in adolescent risky behavior (with Nancy Rhodes at MSU), the potential for the media to augment interventions aimed at decreasing delinquency in adolescents (with John Lochman at the University of Alabama), and understanding the role of the media in promoting and combating racist attitudes (with Morgan Ellithorpe at MSU). His work has been acknowledged through a number of awards, including being named as a Fellow of the International Communication Association in 2016.

David Ewoldsen brings an interdisciplinary approach to the study of communication and the media, and draws from communication scholarship, social and cognitive psychology, cognitive science, and cognitive anthropology. A respected researcher and scholar, his most recent ventures have focused on racism and the media, comprehension of media messages, cooperative video game play, entertainment, and the role of attitudes in risky health behavior – all key to considerations of media policy and practice.

More information about Professor Ewoldsen is here.