Eli M. Noam

Professor of Economics and Finance at the Columbia Business School since 1976, and its Garrett Professor of Public Policy and Business Responsibility. Served for three years as a Commissioner for Public Services of New York State. Appointed by the White House to the President’s IT Advisory Committee. Director of the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information, a research center focusing on management and policy issues in telecommunications, internet, and electronic mass media. He has also taught at Columbia Law School, Princeton University’s Economics Department and Woodrow Wilson School, and the University of St. Gallen, and is active in the development of electronic distance education. Noam has published 29 books and over 350 articles in economics journals, law reviews, and interdisciplinary journals, and has been a regular columnist for the Financial Times online edition. His recent books include Broadband Networks and Smart Grids ( Springer, 2013); Media Ownership and Concentration in America (Oxford, 2009); Peer to Peer Video (Springer, 2008); and Ultrabroadband (IDATE, 2008). He is completing a 4-volume series on Media Management, and leads a 30-country team on international media ownership. He is Chairman of the International Media Management Academic Association.