Shaheen Kanthawala

Shaheen Kanthawala is pursuing a doctoral degree at MSU, after recently completing a Master of Arts in Health and Risk Communication, and her Master of Arts in Journalism, with an Environmental Option. She is a research assistant on the Quello Research Squad, assisting Professor Dutton on case studies of the Fifth Estate. Prior to MSU, Shaheen completed a BSc in Microbiology/Biochemistry at the Sophia College for Women in Mumbai, India, for which she completed the Excellence in Science Program (EXSP). Her research interests focus on the use of the Internet and related information and communication technologies to improve healthcare, which provides a basis for her interest in the Fifth Estate as a new form of accountability in the healthcare sector. Shaheen has garnered a number of awards, including the Winner of the Rasmussen Award at Michigan State University; the Michael A. and Sandra S. Scholarships for Environmental and Science Journalism; the ‘Mahindra Search for Talent’ scholarship; and the ‘Margaret Rebello Sequeira’ prize for placing first in the Excellence in Science Program (EXSP) as an undergraduate.