The Internet in Elections: Nudging Voters in Mexico – Bill Dutton @ CIDE
Jun 15 all-day

Bill Dutton will be speaking at a seminar on the Internet and Elections at CIDE in Mexico City. Centro Latam Digital, a new center for digital policy research, housed within Mexico’s CIDE, is hosting the seminar, entitled ‘Internet and Elections’. In addition to Bill, the speakers include Scott Wallsten, The Technology Policy Institute; Ron Deibert, CitizenLab; Lee Donn, Google; Daniel Moreno, Verificado 2018; and Judith Mariscal, Centro Latam Digital. Their topics range widely, including issues of cybersecurity and electoral system integrity, Internet and social media in campaigns and elections, polling, and electoral outcomes. Bill will draw from the Quello Search Project undertaken in seven nations to discuss the lessons learned from a 2017 of Internet users. The study provides a better perspective on how Internet users can counter concerns over such issues as filter bubbles, echo chambers, and fake news. Bill will suggest ways voters can be nudged in the weeks preceding the coming election.

Mexico’s CIDE

CIDE is Mexico’s Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (Center for Research and Teaching in Economics). It is a top think tank in the nation, publicly supported, and focusing on research and teaching in the social sciences.