Internet Values Project

This research aims to identify patterns and trends in individual attitudes and behaviours related to online trust, privacy, security and freedom. This project was launched at the Oxford Internet Institute by Bill Dutton, and it is being further developed at the Quello Center. See:

Key publications from this work include:

Dutta, S., Dutton, W. H. and Law, G. (2011), The New Internet World: A Global Perspective on Freedom of Expression, Privacy, Trust and Security Online: The Gobal Information Technology Report 2010-2011. New York: World Economic Forum, April. Available at SSRN:

Dutton, W. H., Law, G., Bolsover, G., and Dutta, S. (2013, released 2014) The Internet Trust Bubble: Global Values, Beliefs and Practices. NY: World Economic Forum.

Contact: Bill Dutton