Gary Reid

Gary Reid is the Director of Broadcasting and General Manager of WDBM-FM, WKAR-AM/FM/TV. He is a University Distinguished Senior Specialist in the Department of Media and Information at Michigan State University. He is also an Associate Director of the Quello Center.

In 2011, Gary was the recipient of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters’ (MAB) Lifetime Achievement Award, and he remains a strong member of the MAB. He also has earned honors from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the National Association of Independent Record Distributors, and American Women in Radio and Television.

Gary is a key person within the Quello Center with a focus on broadcasting policies, regulations and practices – within Michigan and nationally. Since 1977 Reid has taught a variety of courses at MSU, including audio/radio courses, video production classes, and telecommunication technology and media management courses. He also is currently teaching in support of the state’s burgeoning film industry. Reid produced the weekly radio and Internet address for former Michigan Gov. Granholm. He has produced numerous record albums, nationally distributed radio series, and television and video productions. He has two endowed scholarships in his name at both MSU and the MAB.