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“Innovation in 5G technology: leadership, competition, and policy issues” Presentation and discussion of the Special Issue of Telecommunications Policy

Dr. Johannes Bauer will be speaking with Maria Alessandra Rossi, Maria Massaro, and Pier Luigi Parcu at a webinar organized by the International Telecommunications Society

5G development, implementation and disruptiveness continues to gather attention and debate among policymakers and researchers. 5G will provide the basis for digitization in many areas of our lives and will influence a broad spectrum of sectors. Full realisation of the Internet of Things (IoT), often called the next Industrial Revolution, relies on 5G development. At present, one estimate is that there will be up to 26 billion connected devices by 2026 (Ericsson, 2021). The global economic impact of 5G is expected to be enormous: up to €2.0 trillion in sales growth and 20 million jobs across all sectors of the economy between 2021-2025 (Accenture, 2021).

Recognizing the importance of understanding the many nuances and implications of 5G technologies, Telecommunications Policy will be publishing a new special issue on ‘Innovation in 5G technology: leadership, competition and policy issues’ (2022). Contributions to the special issue provide insights on the opportunities and challenges raised by the implementation of 5G across sectors and explore potential implications for policy.

The webinar will use these contributions from four global experts as the basis for a discussion about innovation in 5G standard and downstream applications. Accurate mapping of patents, publications, and standard contributions, as reflected in recent empirical analyses, will shed light on technological and innovation leadership at the company and country level. This, in turn, is important not only for companies implementing 5G but also for improving public perceptions and government policies about 5G Presenters will explore some recent experiences with 5G applications and single out important policy enablers of complementary innovation.

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