Ruth Shillair Joining Quello Research Team


Ruth Shillair is joining the Quello Center’s research team as a Research Assistant in this Spring Semester to support our work on cybersecurity, which is linked to the Oxford Global Cyber Security Capacity Center (GCSEC). She is working with Bill Dutton on an analysis that builds on his concept of a cyber security mindset and another analysis that focuses on the outcomes of national cyber security capacity building: Can we see capacity having a positive, independent impact on cyber security?

Ruth Shillair

Ms. Shillair is a doctoral student in the Media and Information Department at MSU. Her research has focused on cyber security, such as in working with the Online Safety for the Ages (OSA) project with Professors Bob LaRose, Nora Rifkin, Saleem Alhabaash, and Sheila Cotten, which focuses on generational differences in online safety behaviors, particularly in the area of online banking.

Ruth has been recognized at MSU, such as in being awarded with one of the Department’s PhD Academic Merit Awards, and an ‘outstanding doctoral student research’ award. She also participated in the Oxford Internet Institute’s (OII) Summer Doctoral Program (SDP). As Bill Dutton, Director of the Quello Center noted: “We are very lucky to have Ruth onboard as her expertise in cyber security and quantitative analysis is going to help us leap ahead on our cyber security research.”

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Dr Bianca Reisdorf Advances on Two Tracks


It is official. Dr Bibi Reisdorf has been promoted both in the Quello Center and in the Department of Media and Information of our College of Communication Arts and Sciences at MSU.

In the Quello Center, Dr Reisdorf will be Assistant Director, working to support the Center’s research, outreach, and development. Bibi joined the Quello Center just last year as a Quello Post-Doctoral Fellow in Media and Information Policy. She came to us from the University of Leicester, where she was a Lecturer and Director of Distance Learning in their Department of Media and Communication. She has also been an adjunct professor at the University of Cincinnati. But it was not only her experience that merited her promotion.

At the Center, Bibi’s commitment and innovative approaches to research on digital inequalities have proven to be catalytic to a number of grant proposals and publications. Her role in outreach for the Center has been remarkable also. So we will not just be keeping Bibi at the Center, but enabling her to play an even greater role.

In the Department, Bibi was awarded a position as assistant professor. In this role, Professor Reisdorf will be redeveloping and teaching the department’s new undergraduate research methods course, and will be able to play a more active role in building the rising academic profile of the Department and College.

When I was at the University of Oxford, Bibi Reisdorf became a doctoral student, and soon took on an important role as a research assistant on the Oxford Internet Surveys (OxIS), which tracked the use and impact of the Internet in Britain from 2003 through 2013. Bibi demonstrated such a natural gift and remarkable acumen for quantitative analyses and survey research that she became a valued member of the OxIS team from her first days. It has been a delight to see her bring such talent to the department and the Quello Center at MSU.

Ruth Shillair and Bibi Reisdorf (name tag)

Ruth Shillair and Bibi Reisdorf (name tag)

Bianca received her D.Phil. degree in Information, Communication and the Social Sciences at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, in 2012, having completed an M.A. in Sociology at the University of Bielefeld, Germany, in 2008.

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